In-house, advanced pet diagnostics

Pet Radiology (Digital x-rays & ultrasound)

It’s unsettling when our pets get sick, and oftentimes, we are unable to determine from a physical examination what may be troubling them. When this happens, state-of-the-art noninvasive radiology helps us examine bones, organs, and tissues so we can quickly diagnose what is wrong. 

From heart problems and lung disease to digestive issues and broken bones, x-rays are a powerful diagnostic tool and play a significant role in routine wellness examinations.

At Happy Paws & Claws, we provide in house, advanced pet diagnostics near Dayton, including digital x-rays and pet ultrasounds, allowing us to peek inside your pet’s body to quickly find any problems so that your pet can get the immediate care they need.

ultrasound for pets

Ultrasound for pets

Ultrasound is another tool we can use to help us identify problems or even just confirm healthy and normal structures (think babies) within the body. It uses sound waves to make real time pictures of what’s inside without being invasive like with surgery. Common uses for ultrasound is to look for bladder or gall bladder problems, check the function of the heart and screen for some cancers. It is a nice way to see additional things not always found with a physical exam.